Wednesday, August 11, 2010

elephant talk-indie music fest

AC was awesome!  Lots of great music, great people.  Alex Vans and Adrian Hardkor sounded fantastic, to name a couple, and Jerry Ryan kicked butt putting everything together.  We played at La Grande Fromage and had great response, thanks everyone for watching our set!  We'll definitely make it out again next year, if things fall into place.  (And assuming we can find a babysitter for our new youngest member.  Yes, Tini, we may have to make him an honorary pot & pan banging, singing & wailing baby musician.  It just might have to happen.)

I have pics!  But can't figure out how to download them on my new computer without crashing it yet.  Sigh.

Great show, thanks again everyone, band and otherwise, for all the hard work and awesome rockin' outness.

~ a

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